The Alumni Association

What is the Alumni Association?

Once you finish your year as a Service Leader, it does not mean that you have left City Year. It simply means that you have moved on to another part of the City Year family – the alumni family. You automatically become part of the alumni family when you graduate, but in order to stay connected you need to sign up to be a part of the Alumni Association. The purpose of the Alumni Association is to connect and mobilize alumni as a community of idealists, civic leaders, and builders of City Year. We look to City Year alumni to not only continue acting on their idealism through service to their communities, but to also stay involved as active leaders in the organisation. By staying connected through the Alumni Association you will be made aware of job opportunities, City Year events, alumni networking events, volunteering opportunities and much more.

Goals of the Alumni Association

1. To advance City Year’s mission and goals by tapping into alumni as an inspired volunteer workforce  

The alumni network is a powerful extension of the corps and staff, and a critical partner in supporting City Year’s mission and vision. Alumni can help deepen the impact of City Year’s service through participation in events, extending the organisations reach in recruiting a diverse corps and supporting the corps as mentors and workshop speakers.

2. To connect alumni as a community of idealists

The alumni program seeks to build a network of social change agents such that it will support their idealism and allow them to tap into each other for assistance on shared goals. Alumni have the opportunity to identify synergies between their organizations and support each other’s efforts.

3. To connect alumni to work and volunteer opportunities

Job and volunteer opportunities are constantly presented through the network of alumni. By registering and playing an active part in the Alumni Association, you will be connected to these opportunities on a regular basis.

What is the Alumni Council?

The Alumni Council is made up of alumni volunteers who served over various years and have offered their time, resources and skills to lead the start up of the Alumni Association. The council is the leadership team that plans and organizes all alumni events and initiatives, and continues to engage in platforms to keep alumni connected.

How do I become an active alum?

Step1 – Make sure you sign up to the Alumni Association. Email your contact information to Once you have signed up you will receive regular communication from City Year informing you of upcoming events, job opportunities etc.

Step 2 – Visit our official Facebook page at and follow us on Twitter @CityYearSoA

Step 3– The most important step – get other alumni to join!