Making a Difference at Winnie Ngwekazi Primary School

By Wayne Tsotetsi

The first day that we spent in our school, got me feeling both anxious and excited. I couldn’t wait to see Winnie Ngwekazi and its learners for the first time!
The principal made it very clear from the start that we had to give her good results when working with her learners and the school. This meant that we had to perform at our level best.
Our recruitment of learners for the City Year Children’s Club went well, and even though we didn’t get quite as many learners as we had hoped for (because of other after-school programmes running concurrently to ours), that didn’t keep us from working as hard as we had promised. Our team arrived early every day and assisted in the many tasks that had to be done at the school. We helped with look and feel and we ushered, swept and cleaned chairs when the school hosted parents meetings. We also helped with the feeding scheme, relieving some of the stress from teachers since they already had so much to do with so little time. The attitude of the principal and teachers quickly changed towards us. They began to communicate more with us and acknowledged how passionate, and creative we were when helping at the school. This also motivated us into doing more for the school. Today the teachers offer to help us instead of us helping them. Before the school embarks on any project they consult us, so that they can hear our views concerning what they what they want to achieve.
The effort that we put into the school helped build our relationships with the staff and today we work together to achieve one goal.

1 thought on “Making a Difference at Winnie Ngwekazi Primary School

  1. Great story inspirational to hear the impact all service leaders make in our schools! Great Job! Keep it up!Daylene

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